Whistleblower says Boeing aircraft contain bogus, unsafe parts



Dear President Xi Jinping,

My name is Charles Shi(Chaosheng), a citizen of Shanghai city. I am a whistleblower of a matter of massive counterfeiting safety parts of  Boeing flight control system which concerns a private company named Suzhou NHJ who falsified raw material certificates and used cheap non-aerospace material in manufacturing safety critical flight control parts sourced by Moog Aircraft. The criminal case was investigated by Suzhou Yuanqu (Industrial Park) Police Bureau since November,2018.

Suzhou Industrial Park(SIPP) police investigators did not have nessessary professional skills and mishandled the investigation. The Police Bureau decided not to establish a criminal case 2019-4-4  even though the most critical criminal fact was already validated while several key witness not interrogated and their previous testimonies not verified. When I appealed for case review, Yuanqu police bureau notified me 2019-5-17 they extended the review period for 30 days because they consider the case crucial and complex. Until now the case is still being investigated. 

However, the police bureau knowingly leaked complete case files to the suspect when the criminal investiation is on-going that is a criminal act itself seriously violating China Communist Party guidelines and related laws.

I have complained many times to the Governor, Mr Liu Yang of Jiangsu province police department but no response is forthcoming.(the link is in Chinese)

The Boeing safety threat is massive and extraordinary which drew the attention of international media. It was a matter of a private company counterfeiting Boeing plane parts which the nation has nothing to do with. It should and must be criminally investigated and dealt with according to the relevant Chinese and international  laws. It should not be treated as a case being covered up by local “protection umbrella” that will certainly tarnish the image of the country.

Since my state is hopeless and extremely dangerous and my complaints go nowhere, I write and make this appeal  that you could personally order:

  1. To discipline those who knowingly leaked confidential criminal case files.
  2. Jiangsu Police Department to  establish the criminal case with no further delay.

Looking forward to a reply to my appeal!


Charles Shi(Chaosheng)



Another Case Of Massive Faulty Parts Of B737 Not Dealt With

More deep dive media stories are appealed!

Latest: The FAA and Boeing remain inactive on a massive fake safety parts on 737 planes

1. Who’s Policing Counterfeit Airplane Parts?

By Victoria Mckenzie

Crime Report investigation suggests that despite the sharp rebuke by the OIG earlier this year of FAA practices, attempts by a Chinese whistleblower to warn both authorities of a potential grave risk to the flying public continues to fall on deaf ears.

2. Fake paperwork, poor parts challenge China’s aerospace boom-Reuters

By Brenda Goh

Chinese suppliers to U.S. flight control systems maker Moog sold it poorly made parts, faked paperwork and outsourced work to a factory not approved by the company, according to an internal report by U.S. aviation regulators.

3. Crime Report Does Not Appreciate FAA’s Preventative SUP Approach


Those, who attempt to sell SUPs, can sell their product for cheaper prices.Their alternatives appear to be the same, but there may be deficiencies in their wares which could be catastrophic.

4. Exclusive: Insider Warns Fatal Accident Looms In Massive FAA Cover Up Of Defective Parts

by Mark Megahan

He wanted to present the FAA with a rock-solid criminal case that they could hand directly to the FBI. That is exactly what he gave them, all wrapped up with a neat little bow. He didn’t muddy the water with anything but tracking of one critical part through the process. A “block” which forms part of the “spoiler” system.

5. Inspector General Says FAA Not Doing Enough to Stop Bogus Parts from Getting on Commercial Flights

By Stephen Stock, Michael Horn and Kevin Nious

“I don’t understand what’s going on at the FAA. I asked for that report to see if we have made progress in the last 20 years, and it appears that very little has been made,” DeFazio said. “One critical component that isn’t up to manufacturer’s standards could take down a plane mid-air.” Rep. Peter DeFazio

6. Beware Aviation’s Accident Record

by John Goglia — May 2, 2018, 4:22 AM

But lately, I worry, too, that there’s been too much patting on the back about this “safety” record from some in the government, as well as industry.

7. Interview with Susan Lindauer, CIA whistle blower on 911

They knew it, they just knew it(there was a safety threat).- Susan

8. Interview with Tony Gosling, former BBC reporter

We can not just wait for public outcry! -Tony

9. Interview with Elizabeth McCabe, Radio hostess

Law Enforcement, don’t just sit there and listen, take action! — Elizabeth

10. 震撼直播:访谈波音飞控供应商前高管石朝生:波音737失事可能与中国假货有关 Interview with Mr Guo Baosheng

11. 向全世界进行证据展示(第一,二部分)

12. 中国供应商给波音飞机提供假货的重要证据展示(第三、四部分) Counterfeiting Safety Parts of Boeing 737

13. 新鸿基假飞控零件有可能是MAX坠毁的直接原因(第五部分)

14. 供应链经理举报 波音飞机上中国零件不合格

15. Brave Whistleblower Charles Shi’s Boeing Vast Network of Fraud Story Covered by NBC’s Bay Area Station, and Boeing, as Usual, Lies in Response

16. Claims of Shoddy Production Draw Scrutiny to a Second Boeing Jet

17. Boeing “effectively put profitability and growth ahead of airplane safety and honesty” 

18.What To Do About The Scourge Of SUPs—Some Thoughts

19.Whistleblower says Boeing aircraft contain bogus, unsafe parts




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